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Path Dependent Charity

Brief thoughts sparked by recent events in academia and this succinctly insightful tweet from Peli Grietzer. One thing that I notice is that in the conversation around the Sokal Squared hoax a lot of people treated tendencies or viewpoints as absurd that seemed to me quite reasonable. I have encountered the claim that we ought be relativists about standards of scientific inference or truth itself , that the purported laws of classical logic are up for revision  and that, if this is done, it might have far reaching consequences for our fundamental beliefs . That scientific inquiry is value laden and this affects its role in public life , and that pluralism in science is therefore important. Read people embracing a kind of multi-culturalist decolonial approach , with radical views on truth , discoursing on inter-cultural relations . I don't agree with all of the linked, but all of them strike me as making points worthy of serious consideration and, if they are wrong, wort