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Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will

I started writing this as a kind of meditation in a notebook, but then I thought maybe it would be interesting to others so I decided to share on my blog. It's my reflections on Gramsci's famous aphorism named in the blog post title - but, while I won't go into depth here, I'll just note that if I were to write reflections on Mark 12:30-31 they would probably be very similar. Nothing profound, but I hope it helps someone nonetheless. Tullio Crali - The Forces of the Bend "Eyyy, I paint'a de race car, it exemplifies'a da ever accelerating forces of de modernity'a and implicitly calls to mind the relentless use of fossil fuels to make that possible'a, mamma mia!" We must always act from a sincere love of our fellows, but never give in to maudlin sentimentality or (worse) facile irrationalism. In theory, so long as one avoids silly ideological tropes , it is not so difficult to keep the two apart. But on a day to day level it can seem very difficu