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Citational Justice

Some musings prompted by  this rather negative take on citational justice literature. In fact (partly for reasons I explain below, and in line with the linked piece) I myself am pretty hostile to the whole notion of citational justice. In any case it feels so self-indulgent as to be immoral for lefty academics to be debating "citational justice" while there are still homeless people. Let's... you know, let's get a grip here? But none the less I am by profession a social epistemologist, and I do think that we learn something interesting about how knowledge is and ought be generated by thinking about what the role and consequences of citational practices are. The linked piece is responding to an argument from Sarah Bond  for more egalitarian citational practices. They take her to be saying that academics should, in order to render our community more just, make conscious efforts to redirect our citations towards people from under-represented groups -- here that's

The Anglo-American Analytic Philosophy Left

Survey results from here: As far as I can tell analytic philosophy for the most part remains a fairly a-political field. At the least, this is what my last little survey  of the prestige journals suggested to me, and I just checked again and it still seems true. None the less, I agree with Brandon Warmke  that there has been something of an "applied turn" wherein there is a shift towards trying to make one's work relevant to non-philosophical concerns somehow, and at least some of this has taken the form of a shift towards socio-political work. I gave my explanation for why I thought this shift was occurring here  -- though see reply here , and I think a recent post at the Splintered Mind  is an attempt to explain basically the same pervasive sense of decline via a different mechanism. As with most academics, philosophers lean left , and indeed per the picture it seems a majority even self-identify as socialist when gi