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Socialist Philosophy

Haven't blogged in a while so just to keep things active here are some brief and ill thought out musings on philosophy and socialism that I have had for a while. As in many other cases this will suffer from my decision to avoid ever using negative exemplars, but on the whole I think that makes my blog better. So feel free not to believe me, and in this case these really are just ill thought out musings - not really meant to persuade and which I am not sure I could defend. But I am sure I am not the only person who wonders what, if anything, philosophy might do for socialism, so maybe if that's shared between us my thoughts will spark something useful in you. (Just a note: I am going to link to lots of positive examples of the sort of thing I mean. Feel free to follow them up, I think they're all interesting texts that socialists should engage with! But one couldn't coherently agree with all of them, some of them aren't even socialist, so I don't link to signal e